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  Opportunity and Challenges Before Coal Calcined Kaolin
——Chemidex manager of Asian region Xieyi visited us

Recently, Xieyi, Chemidex manager of Asian region, visited Datong Coal Mine Jinyu Kaolin Industrial Co., Ltd. Here we would like to share some key issues with coating manufacturers.

What are major factors in manufacturing superfine coal calcined kaolin?

An ample supply of resource and energy is of vital importance to the manufacturing of superfine coat calcined kaolin. Our domestic production process of calcined kaolin is basically physical with no chemical refinement and bleaching.

Therefore, our products are gifts of nature. However, in order to meet customers’ high expectation towards quality, we are required to use highly purified kaolin that is well suited to mass production. From this perspective, provision of resource plays the most important role here. Besides, both the graphitic carbon and hydroxyl groups will be removed out of our kaolin after calcined which uplifts the overall properties. Viewed in this way, provision of energy comes the second because calcined kaolin is of high-energy consumption.

Are the raw materials of coal kaolin resources?

As we all know, there are some problems in the way our country utilizing and exploiting resource. The early calcined kaolin manufactures defamed kaolin as wastes to boast them as environmentally friendly. In fact, the calcined kaolin in Datong, Shanxi is very valuable resource to our country and such a high degree of pureness is extremely rare all over the world. We have to put it in good use to give its value a full display so that our country and our people can all be benefited from this.

What is the superiority of Datong Jinyu calcined kaolin?

Datong Coal Mine Jinyu Kaolin Industrial Co. Ltd. Located in Datong Coal Mine Group Recycling Economy Park. It is a national-level major project.

The first advantage of Jinyu kaolin is the high quality resource. kaolinic shale comes with coal, and the high quality kaolin we use now are separated from coal . The second edge of our kaolin is cost efficiency. Jinyu has its own coal gas producer to calcine the kaolin whereas a lot of other kaolin manufactures have to buy gas from coke-oven plant so that the cost is hard to control.

Third, the equipment and control device Jinyu use are proved to be the most suitable. Jinyu is capable of controlling cost to satisfy clients’ needs to the most extent.

What is the new policy of resource and energy in China?

Nowadays, the shortage of resource and energy are given more and more attention, especially the non-renewable resources like coal and kaolin. According to the economic observer, reform of Chinese coal industry will be over. After reforming, the number of coal enterprises will plummet from 2,200 to 100.

Due to these changes, there will be only tow or three enterprises of oversize and Datong Coal Mine Group is one of them.

The drastically drop of coal enterprises shows rationality of central government on control coal resources. Unauthorized mining can be restrained and kaolin will be used effectively.

The Role of Datong Jinyu in Future

In current situation, scantiness of resources and rising price of energy, Datong Coal Mine Jinyu Kaolin Industrial Co. Ltd. leads the pack of competitors because of self-supplying resources and energy.

We will serve for our clients with all sincerity and cherish every chance. We will develop broader market in future.

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