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Calcined kaolin (GB-CK90/92 GB-CK95/96 are recommended) is a particularly processed aluminum silicate pigment and multifunctional additive, which is high in brightness, low in impurity and strong in chemical inertia, and easy to disperse in water and oil based structure. It can be used in water and oily paint, putty and sealed pastern. In architectural paint, especially in latex paint, our calcined aluminum silicate products can afford good covering performance as a functional additive. By replacing titanium white partly it could not only lower the costs, but also adjust the luster of the paint. And it can improve the mechanical performance of the paint film, paint 's stability for stock, brushing property. Moreover, it can improve the mechanical properties such as the moisture resistance, impact resilience of the paint, the floatation resistance capacity of the pigment.

Calcined kaolin (GB-CK88B is recommended) is applied to electrophoretic paint with follow advantages: Its particle size is extra fine and it is a kind of extender that can replace titanium dioxide partly to improve the efficiency and reduce production costs. In addition, it's easy to form close-grained and smooth paint film. Stable in electrophoresis tank and hard to sedimentate. Low impurity and strong inertia, beneficial to paint film's stability and moistureproof property to salt spray. Microchip structure particle, little oil absorption and easy dispersion.

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