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Our calcined kaolin (GB-CK90, GB-CKR90, GB-CK88A are recommended), a functional additive, is widely used in wire and cable, especially in EPDM cable. PVC and PE colophony are applied in common wire and low-tension cable (1-2KV) jacket material and no extender is needed but for fire retardation. Sometimes calcium carbonate is added to lower costs and improve dielectric property. High-tension jacket is mainly made up of EPDM and XLPE. And XLPE needs no extender. EPDM, which represents 90% share of the industrial market, has higher requirement for cable's physical and mechanical properties, and it needs high-quality extender to meet the application requirement. Our modified calcined kaolin series is specially applied in EPDM wire and cable as functional extender. After being resurfaced particularly, it can strengthen the insulating, mechanical and other properties of wire and cable. And it is an excellent functional additive in EPDM cable because of its unsurpassed performance.
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