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(GB-CK90/92 are recommended)
The hot plasticity color master batch is often used for coloring in the procession of the plastic molding. The pigment and carrier colophony have been pre-blended equably in the color master batch. The color master can be added into the plastic by the simplest blending process to meet the requirement of plastic molding and assure the equable color of the plastic products. It gives great convenience to plastic manufacturers, such as those manufacturers of injection molding and film. They need not to pre-blend colophony with toner, and they can directly use color master batch to manufacture products of whatever color their customers want. Titanium dioxide is the most common pigment used in color master batch. It has become a common method to use special extender pigment as extender of titanium dioxide because that the extender pigment has advantages of low cost and high performance. The characters of our calcined kaolin extender pigment, high brightness, fine particle and low impurity, make it a perfect extender of pigment.
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