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(GB-CK80 and GB-K80 are recommended)
The manufacture of ceramics is the oldest, and probably best known, application for kaolin. China clay has been used to produce ceramics for at least four thousand years. Kaolin is used in a very wide range of ceramics including traditional ceramics (whiteware, sanitaryware and tiles), structural clay products, advanced ceramics and catalyst supports.

Kaolin used in ceramics must have a consistent chemical composition so that there are no variations in the firing and vitrifying characteristics of the ceramic body.

One of the most important specifications is the level and type of impuritied present, which can affect the color of the fired ceramic body.The main impurity often present that can cause this problem is iron oxide but significant contents of copper,chrome and manganese are also undesirable

Calcined kaolin is mainly used as material of body and glaze for household china pottery and porcelain for daily use, architectural ceramics, chemical industrial anticorrosion ceramics, arts and handicrafts ceramics, pottery and porcelain ware for toilet sanitary ceramics, high and low tension ceramics and all kinds of glazed tile. It has high fire-resistance rating, strong plasticity and good bonding property. Besides, it has good whiteness, compactness, good surface smoothness, high mechanical strength, high rate of finished products.


Feldspar also being called common feldspar is the aluminosilicate mineral of alkali metals (such as kalium, natrium, calcium and so on) or alkaline-earth metals.

In addition to serve as the raw material of glass industry (accounts for 50-60% of the total amount), the usage for porcelain industry makes up 30%, and the other parts can be used in chemical industry, grinding material grinding apparatus, fiber glass, electrode and so on.

Physical property: density 2.56-2.59g/cm3, Mohs hardness 6, clinorhombic system. The feldspar crystals are in the form of prismatical and thick plate. Some have the color of flesh pink, some are colored tawny or ivory, and there are also some colorless and transparent crystals being called adularia.

Chemical constitution: the molecular formula of potash feldspar is K2O . Al2O3 .6SiO2, its theoretical chemical constitution is K2O 16.9%, Al2O3 18.4%, SiO2 64.7%, always containing a small amount of Na2O. However, in nature, it is hard to reach the theoretical value.That is to say, the feldspar with chamical constitution closer to the theoretical value is purer and has better quality.
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